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Purpose 🌌

The PONY DAO is controlled by PONYDAO token holders who participate in voting on off-chain proposals that impact governance the growth of the $PONY Index. Governance unlike commonly used governance voting models that can be cumbersome and slow, as a laser-DAO, Pony Finance aims to be a fast-paced, aggressive and governance streamlined DAO.

Utility ⚙️

  • Funding DAO contributors. As the first "laser-DAO", the aim is stay lean with contributor count, focuses heavily on high-level, multi talented small amount of core contributors in contrast to large working groups of part-time contributors. We will leverage wider community contribution through paid bounties and grants with clear outcomes.
  • All revenue from $PONY Index will be accrued back to the DAO treasury under governance control, with long term outlook we're open to exploring fee-sharing utility for PONYDAO holders, but only after achieving significant growth where the revenue makes sense.
  • $PONY Index incentivisation schemes, grants & bounties. Incentivisation will be focused on long-tail sticky growth (partnerships, product listing, etc)
  • PONYDAO holders have the ability to shape how the DAO treasury funds are spent by influencing Tally votes proposed by the core team.
PONYDAO launched as a simple ERC-20 governance token initially, with potential experimentation with token utility as we grow.