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How does it work?

PONY Index enables users to gain access to attractive stablecoin yields in a simple and transparent way.
$PONY is a standard ERC-20 token implemented by Pony Finance that tracks Scalara's PONY Index.
PONY Index is designed and maintained by the renowned DeFi methodologists at Scalara (a division of DeFi Pulse). The index is a basket of auto-compounding stablecoin vaults from multiple blockchains. Vaults are selected and weighted by the rules-based methodology's wide range of quantitative and qualitative criteria. The result is a single token that grows in value based on its underlying stablecoin vaults while offering full on-chain transparency.
$PONY utilizes several DeFi building blocks to create this first of its kind index token: Asset management protocol Kuiper, yield vault provider Beefy, and cross-chain router Multichain.